18th European Angiology Days

18th European Angiology Days
November 17, 2021

18th European Angiology Days
International academic web conference on November 26–28, 2021


Main Scientific Sessions:
  • 30 Years of worldwide battles and the future in Health. – Focus on Vascular
  • New Generation working on Vascular Disease- Joint VASYoung Com.& IUAYoung Comm
  • Peripheral Artery Disease in the era of COVID19 pandemic
  • Microcirculation – Joint session VAS & European Society for Microcirculation
  • Aging and vascular disease – Joint session VAS & Society of Vascular Medicine-USA
  • Big Data: insights for Vascular medicine
  • Prevention: the mandatory view for the future (Key points on Prevention, VAS Vascular Prevention Joint International Campaigns)