Obituary for Dr. Tom Karplus

Obituary for Dr. Tom Karplus
Thomas Karplus, MD. (Melbourne, Australia, died August 7th, 2023)
Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,
Dear followers and supporters of International Union of Angiology (IUA),

With great sadness and grief we had to inform you that our colleague Tom Karplus left us and passed away on August 7th 2023. We were not so lucky to have working experience with Tom on everyday basis but we were lucky enough to work with him in the Executive Board of IUA for more than 10 years and/or to meet him personally during on-line meetings.

Tom was treasurer of IUA we remember him as a diligent and thoughtful person thinking about many financial details who was able to foresee potential complications in the future and able to keep us on the ground and out of exaggerated optimism. In short, otherwise favorable financial situation of IUA was sustained at high level also thanks to Tom and his healthy skepticism. However, it should be also mentioned that Tom was passionate and friendly person, interested in many things outside vascular medicine including arts, birding, travelling around the world and other nice hobbies. He was intensively interested in many troubles in the world outside Australia; I remember his emails asking about situation in Eastern Europe.
Tom served as treasurer from 2014 to his departure in summer this year. Therefore, he left us as a fully functioning and valuable active colleague to his last days. We will miss Tom and his typical warm smile (pls see picture) very much.

We ask and plead those of you who remember him, give him a personal thought.

Prof. Jan Pitha MD., PhD., FIUA
General Secretary on behalf of IUA Executive Board