President's Message – December 2021

President's Message – December 2021
December 6, 2021

Dear IUA Members,
First of all, I sincerely wish you Merry Christmas and a happy and successful year 2022! 
The worldwide coronavirus pandemic continues to affect all of us. I hope all of you are fine and all together can pass this very difficult moment.
We continue to renew the structure of the IUA and enlarge its umbrella including other new societies; at present, we have 26 societies in the European Chapter, 10 in Latin American Chapter, 8 in Multinational Chapter, 6 in South Asian Chapter, 3 in North American Chapter, 3 in North African and Middle East Chapter, 1 in Asian Chapter and other new societies are coming regularly.
The most important news of this year is the constitution of the IUA Foundation (IUAF), a non-profit organization of social utility, with the aim to support the IUA in its activities. The activities of the IUAF are complementary to those performed by the IUA and work in synergy with them.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, we were forced to cancel all face-to-face events, but several events have been organized in 2021 in virtual modality: more than 20 webinars concerning all aspects of vascular diseases, the Chinese Chapter Congress, the European Chapter Congress, the Asian Chapter Congress, the North African & Middle East Chapter Congress.
The next world congress of the IUA will be held in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in October 2022 organized by Prof. Komlos, and the following will be held in Porto (Portugal) in June 2024 organized by Prof. Mansilha.
The Pan-American Congress in Cuba (as a congress of the Latin American Chapter) will be held in March 2023.
I invite all of you to send to the secretariat the list of events organized by your societies to announce them on the IUA website.
Last but not least, I remind all the IUA members to visit the IUA website and renew their membership for the next year. Your contribution to the society is very important.
Best wishes to all and see you... virtually again... I hope for a short time.
Prof. Pier Luigi Antignani
President, International Union of Angiology