President's Message – May 2022

President's Message – May 2022
May 6, 2022

Dear IUA Members,
I am approaching you with two important pieces of information regarding our Union.
First, I am glad to announce the establishment of the Foundation of the IUA (FIUA), a non-profit organization of social utility. This step is mandatory to allow the IUA to receive funds such as donations. FIUA aims to:

  • spur scientific research and the training of researchers in the field of vascular disease,
  • promote activities with benefit to persons with chronic vascular disease and their families, 
  • promote, support, and manage initiatives to raise public awareness on the spread and clinical and social importance of vascular disease and prevention as the most effective way to combat it.
These activities must be and will be complementary to those performed by the IUA and work in synergy with them. The FIUA can work in all countries having an international constitution. As soon as possible, I will inform you about the bank account of the FIUA.

Second, I would like to invite you to the 30th World Congress of the IUA. The congress will take place in Porto Alegre (Brazil) from October 13 to 15, 2022. It will be organized by Professor Pedro Pablo Komlos. We plan to meet in person if the general conditions allow it. The website of the congress is
The scientific program will be exciting with the participation of speakers from all over the world.
I invite all Vice Presidents – representatives of the IUA chapters – to organize sessions of their respective chapters. The same invitation applies to all representatives of the associate societies. Please, send your proposal to Prof. Komlos.
Our World Congress is the optimal occasion to interact and exchange experiences and news in the field of vascular diseases.
I also ask all representatives of our associate societies to send information regarding their activities to the IUA secretariat. 
Finally, I remind all the IUA members to visit the IUA website and renew their membership for 2022.
Best wishes to all. I hope to see you in person soon.
Prof. Pier Luigi Antignani
President, International Union of Angiology