New President's Message – November 2022

New President's Message – November 2022
November 10, 2022

Dear IUA Members and Friends,
I am addressing you as the new President of our Union.

We are very grateful to the Past President, our friend Prof. Pier Luigi Antignani, for his efforts in leading the IUA during the past two very dark years. He has achieved incredible results in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Let me name the two most visible: our dreamed-of foundation was founded and is ready to help us raise funds for our educational activities; the number of national or regional vascular societies associated with the IUA has risen to 68.

I believe that the new Executive Board will enhance our activities and relations with international partners. One of our wishes is to restart the program of official international accreditation of vascular centers. We will work hard with our colleagues to achieve our aims.

We also want to maintain contact with our members through regular e-mail newsletters. On the other hand, we would like to motivate you to send us news from your national or regional associations to be published on our website and in the newsletters.

Immediately after finishing our successful 30th World Congress in Porto Alegre, Brazil, we started planning the next event held in June 2024 in Porto, Portugal.

So, let's work together. The IUA needs your help and constant participation. I appreciate your support.

Pedro Pablo Komlós
IUA President 2022–2024