Report from the 10th Course for Young Vascular Specialist

Report from the 10th Course for Young Vascular Specialist
Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends, Dear Supporters of activities of International Union of Angiology (IUA)

First of all, let us express our sincere hope that you and people around you are doing well this year. However, the main purpose of this letter is to inform you that in July we successfully finished 10th (!) Course for Young Vascular Specialist ( Till now, more than 300 participants completed our Course from approximately 25 countries from the whole world –another (!) and many of them continue their activities inside IUA including tutorship at this Course.
It has been a great honor for us to organize these Courses so long and a great pleasure for us to work together with the members of the executive board and its scientific committee in particular to create interesting programs with attractive topics. We would like again and again also to express many thanks for the outstanding activity rendered by many of tutors - most of them recruited from boards of IUA and as mentioned from previous attendees of our meetings.
Let us remind you that this very successful educational activity of IUA is organized since 2013 and is in line with the main goals of the IUA. Among the most important topics of such meetings under umbrella of IUA is stimulation and dissemination of high quality scientific knowledge and sound clinical practice in the entire field of vascular diseases at an international level. Till now all courses are organized in Prague, Czech Republic with a distinguished international faculty. Let us also remind that at the beginning of this activity was critical participation and leadership of professors Andrew Nicolaides and Jawed Fareed. In this context, let us stress that despite personal participation of prof. Nicolaides and prof. Fareed was not always possible during last years and might be complicated in upcoming years, we miss their outstanding professional qualities and personal charisma which moved this activity to extremely high level and during each Course they are still in our minds. In this respect we are doing our best to sustain the quality of these mainly clinical, but also scientific and personal encounters. We consider it important, aside from education that these courses could lead to new memberships, a younger mean age of the IUA and the formation of future leaders of the society. We hope that this successful event and tradition will continue during next years and presidencies.
Finally, we would like express our thanks and gratitude again to all our colleagues (as always during last years) for their immense and valuable support, our attending younger colleagues for interest in IUA activities and not least to our sponsors and supporters.

We wish to all of you all the best and success in your future tasks.

With extremely warm wishes
Jan Pitha for all organizers, supporters, tutors and participants