Accreditation of Vascular Centers

Multidisciplinary vascular care is the best way to treat vascular patients and to achieve the most favourable results. Coordination and collaboration of angiologists, endovascular therapists and vascular surgeons are key to precise indications and effective treatment. Such a goal can only be reached in well organised multidisciplinary vascular centres.

Therefore the IUA decided in 2010 to initiate a program for the recognition of multidisciplinary institutions devoted to diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases by forming an ad hoc European Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Centres focused particularly, but not only, on certifying such centres in European countries. Both angiologists and vascular surgeons are present in the commission.
The mandate was to take the "Guidelines for the Organisation of Vascular Centres in Europe" as a base, having already been published in International Angiology 2009, 28:347-352, and for the accreditation program to come into effect by 2012.
The commission developed the Main Criteria for assessment, the practical Rules of Procedure to assure smooth operations, and it also provided a standard Application Form for the best convenience of whomever wishes to apply.
Accreditation by the IUA testifies that an accredited vascular centre is really a multidisciplinary professional body that offers excellent management of the patients and operates at the highest European standard.
Pier Luigi Antignani (Italy) is the Chairman of the Commission, which includes five other angiologists – Karel Roztocil (Czech Republic), Patrick Carpentier (France), Denis Clement (Belgium), Adriana Visona, and
Claudio Allegra (Italy), and four vascular surgeons – Nicos Angelides (Cyprus), Emad Hussein (Egypt), José Fernandes e Fernandes (Portugal), and Christopher Lattimer (UK) .

For additional information please contact the IUA Secretary.