Endovascular Course for Young Vascular Specialists


In 2018, the Chinese Chapter of the IUA has started a new initiative
the IUA Endovascular Course for Young Vascular Specialists. The first two endovascular courses were held in May 2018 and 2019 in Beijing, China.

Purpose of the course
Endovascular therapy, as a promising minimally invasive technique, has been becoming more and more important, and for most peripheral vascular diseases (PVD) it is
nowadays the first-line treatment strategy.  
PVD cover a large range of vascular diseases, and in this field a lot of new devices and new techniques have emerged, so it is very difficult for the young vascular specialist to keep up with the progress.  
We aim to illuminate the detailed techniques of endovascular therapy to the young vascular specialists who know some basic rules and want to improvev their skills to a higher level.
Because the time is a little limited, we will focus on a relatively small field at one time that will facilitate more discussion and deepen the knowledge communication. 
We hope that this course will help the young vascular specialists in their daily endovascular practice, and will  deepen international exchange of know-how and friendship.

The Third IUA Endovascular Course for Young Vascular Specialists​ will be held in Beijing in May 2021.

Main topics:
- ASO, from carotid, visceral, aortoiliac, femoropopliteal to BTK arteries
- Aortic diseases: TAA, AAA, aortic dissection
- Venous disease: VTE, PTS
- Detailed operative tips and tricks

The International Union of Angiology welcomes applications from anyone matching the criteria listed below. 30 successful candidates will be selected by the course organizers.

The application must be submitted by March 31, 2021 to lianruiguo@sina.com and lizhaoxw@sina.com

Candidates must:
1. be under 40 (in exceptional cases 45) years of age
2. be vascular specialists (persons working within vascular centers who wish to deepen their theoretical and especially practical skills in endovascular management of vascular disease; practicing clinicians working in the vascular field who are interested in endovascular interventions)
3. be fluent in English
4. be able to cover travel expenses (all on-site expenses will be covered by the organizers).

If you have any questions concerning the course, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Lianrui Guo or Ms. Li Zhao .