Global Thrombosis Forum

The Global Thrombosis Forum (formerly Georgia Thrombosis Forum) has continued to develop innovative approaches to further education and research programs worldwide. In the past seven years, consistent with the North American Thrombosis Forum’s objectives, training, and educational initiatives, the Global Thrombosis Forum, under the leadership of Dr. Atul Laddu, has made a major impact in inspiring public sectors. In particular, GTF has been focusing on younger students to promote awareness of thrombosis and its management at various levels. Such programs have recruited talented younger scholars who have participated in educational and translational research programs and public advocacy in an exemplary fashion. Under the strong leadership of Dr. Sam Goldhaber, President of the NATF, and Dr. Atul Laddu, President and CEO of GTF, these projects will continue to expand and will provide opportunities for younger students which will be helpful in their career planning and education to become physicians and scientists to serve healthcare and biomedical research programs. 

GTF also has a close partnership with IUA on these programs. One of the major efforts and educational programs is organizing scientific symposia and meetings. For this reason, GTF and the North American Chapter of the IUA have planned annual symposia on select topics.

Second Annual PACO (Promoting Awareness of Clotting Outcomes) Foundation Symposium 2020
The Second Annual PACO Symposium was organized in a hybrid format, including virtual and live sessions, on October 17 and October 24, 2020. The events on October 17, 2020 included a presentation of 3 posters by the high school student-members of GTF. A competition was held for the poster presentations and the poster on COVID-19 and VTE won the first prize. The posters are presented here.

Our Hats Off to Serena Williams!
Ashay Bongirwar, Roumika Patil, Mukta Sohoni, Shlok Sohoni, The GTF Group

Physical Therapy and VTE
Meghana Malempati, Radhika Kulkarni, The GTF Group​

The Risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis in Patients with Covid-19
Rishi Bappanad, Raina Singhal, Ashay Bongirwar, The GTF Group​

GTF Annual Meeting 2020
Anticoagulation in GI Tract: An update on GI disorders: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations
January 12, 2020, in Suwanee, GA

The program reflects the interest that the younger students have taken, as part of the GTF educational initiatives and the identification of a timely topic addressing the anticoagulation in the GI tract where newer advances are evident.
Radhika Kulkarni, Ankita Mahajan, Tejas Deodhar, GTF group (mentor: Sagar Garud, MD) 

An Overview of General GI Endoscopic Procedures 
Malvika Sawant, Mrunalini Ghangrekar, Sonika Tatipalli, GTF group (mentor: Arvind Kulkarni, MD)
The Coagulation Cascade 
Ananya Mahesh, Sonal Churiwal, Rohan Pai, GTF group (mentor: Girish Pore, MD)

Acute Mesenteric Ischemia, Rare but Deadly Complication
Arvind Kulkarni, MD

Natural Supplements / Bleeding / Coagulation
Girish Pore, MD

Managing Patients on DOACs Undergoing a GI Procedure
Sagar Garud, MD