Heparin Centennial

One Hundred Years of Heparin Poster
R. Badkundri et al. (Atlanta, USA)

Presentations from the Heparin Centennial Symposium held at the 27th IUA World Congress in Lyon, France (October 7, 2016)
Slides & sound, mp4 format

Introduction and Welcome on Behalf of Loyola University
M. Callahan (Maywood, USA)

Heparin Centennial: A Century of Clinical and Scientific Progress
J. Fareed (Maywood, USA)

The Pleotropic Effects of Heparins. Clinical Relevance 
L. Drouet (Paris, France)

From Unfractionated Heparins to Low Molecular Weight Heparins and the Evolution of Synthetic Heparins 
J. Walenga (Maywood, USA)

Heparins: From Pharmacokinetic Properties to Clinical Practice
P. Mismeti (St. Etienne, France)

Glycosaminoglycans and Beyond
J. Harenberg (Mannheim, Germany)

The Development of Low Molecular Weight Heparins and Their Impact on VTE
S. Haas (Munich, Germany)

VTE Prevention with Heparin and Other Glycosaminoglycans in Major Orthopedic Surgery: A Personal Journey
G. Turpie (Hamilton, Canada)

Step-Wise Evolution of Heparins and Pentasaccharide. The French Logic
P. Willaime (Paris, France)

The Role of Heparins and Other Glycosaminoglycans in VTE Management. Recent International Guidelines
A. Nicolaides (Nicosia, Cyprus)

VTE Treatment with Heparin and Other Glycosaminoglycans
R. Hull (Calgary, Canada)

The Rationale for Management of VTE in Cancer with Heparins. Current and Future Perspectives
Lord A. Kakkar (London, UK)

Current Consensus on the Management of VTE. A Focus on Heparins
S. Goldhaber (Boston, USA)