Fellowship of the IUA

Creation of a new level of IUA membership was accepted by the Executive Board in Sydney, Australia in 2014. The aim is to recognize members who have achieved outstanding contributions in the field of vascular diseases. Fellows of the IUA (abbreviation FIUA) should represent outstanding, internationally accepted, high level experts, serving also the Union in different central positions.

Preconditions for fellowship:
1) IUA membership for at least 5 years
2) Documented activity in the vascular field for at least 10 years
3) Participation in IUA activities as scientific lecturer, session organizer, office-holder andor educator for at least 3 years
4) Confirmation by the Executive Board after consideration of the application

Application with the following attachments is required:
1) Copy of MD diploma or equivalent
2) Copy of a national diploma in vascular specialization (angiology/vasc. medicine/vasc. surgery/interventional radiology) or equivalent 
3) At least 5 publications on vascular topics in peer reviewed journals as the first author
4) Short professional CV
5) Supporting letter of one current fellow of the IUA or a national vascular society

Please send your application with all required documents by e-mail to the IUA Managing Secretary. Applications will be assessed and confirmed by the Executive Board. Newly elected fellows will obtain their diploma during the opening ceremony of the next IUA World/Chapter Congress. The yearly fellowship fee will be 200 Euro. 

Benefits and privileges: 
Use of the "FIUA" title, distinguishing the fellowship from the regular membership and giving recognition amongst vascular experts as well as patients
Eligibility to leading positions in the IUA – Executive Board, Congress presidency
Subscription to "International Angiology" Journal
Lower registration fees at IUA congresses
Priority services at IUA Congresses

Emeritus fellowship
The status of emeritus fellow may be conferred after request of a fellow older than 65 years, retired from full-time work. In this case the title of fellow is retained with benefits and costs corresponding to regular membership.