PACO 2021

3rd Anniversary Of The Promoting Awareness Of Clotting Outcomes Foundation (PACO FNDN)
November 13, 2021
Program Brochure
GTF young members made a presentation of their research work at the PACO 3rd anniversary event on Saturday, November 13, 2021.
Of special mention is the significant contribution from young mentors Aditya Sathe,a 3rd year medical student, and Ms. Priya Lokasundaram, a nursing student.
Know Your Score presented at the ISTH Meetings in Philadelphia in July 2021
Prasad Shetye and Sanket Gavankar
Life after thrombosis
Priyanka Kavdikar and Richa Mahajan
The story of Warfarin: From rat poison to clinical use
Anaya Rege, Sanika Ainchwar and Arav Bongirwar

Anticoagulants: Evaluation of risks/benefits
Divya Honavar,  Diya Pise and Mala Niverthi