Pulmonary Symposium 2022

Pulmonary Embolism Symposium: Second Rajan Memorial Lecture
January 9, 2022
Program Brochure

Introduction by Atul Laddu
In the process of giving the GTF students higher levels of training in research, communications and presentations, GTF has initiated a program for having a symposium on some special topics inviting GTF young members in their advanced career, along with some experts. The first of this series was a symposium on challenges for dentists with patients on anticoagulants. The next one was, “Anticoagulation in GI Tract: An update on GI disorders: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations”.  Our next one was COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Effects, where the first Rajan Memorial Lecture with the keynote speaker was by Alfonso Tafur, MD, from the Northshore University Health System, who spoke on, “Addressing Thrombosis risk in patients with vascular malformations including CLOVES”, consistent with Rajan’s condition of Cloves Syndrome. Today, the theme of the symposium is Pulmonary Embolism in young children, with Samuel Goldhaber, MD, from Harvard Medical School and President of NATF, as the keynote speaker, consistent with Rajan who succumbed to PE at an early age of 23!

Clinical challenges in the management of PE in younger population
Samuel Goldhaber, MD 

Pathogenesis of PE, risk stratification, and management
Anushka Bhate

Coagulation process, diagnosis of PE, and incidence of PE
Rohan Pai

Clinical management of PE and prophylaxis of PE
Ashay Bongirwar

Yoga, another option to manage the patients with VTE
Neha Koganti, Diya Pise, and Ria Chokshi

COVID-19 and PE: Lessons from the Pandemic
Bulent Kantarcioglu, MD